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During 2020 it became evident how, if we want to overcome the COVID-19 crisis and reactivate the world economy, we must work together for a greater good and incorporate resilience into our business strategies. Companies and consumers are increasingly aware that their business decisions and strategies make the difference to face the challenge of fighting against uncertainty in a context of global health and climate emergency where action is urgent. The nexos + 1 newsletter for January compiles the most read news, reports and publications of 2020.

Although technology can sometimes negatively affect the environment, used well, it can also serve to take care of the planet.

In February, the first working meeting of the Climate Action Table was held. This roundtable was led by Libélula, Natura and MINAM and seeks to catalyze the action of the private sector to achieve the goals of the ODS13.

There are already more than 40 countries that have adopted some form of price for the use of carbon, but how effective is this tax?

In this special newsletter we share business solidarity initiatives that sustain the country during the COVID-19 health crisis.

While the coronavirus advances in Peru, and the government focuses all its efforts to control it, the pandemic had a positive and unexpected collateral effect for the environment: a reduction of 97% of GEI.

McKinsey defines actions to be taken in 5 stages on the way to the new post-COVID-19 normal: Resolution, Resilience, Return, Re-imagination and Reform.

It is urgent to re-configure business activities with an environmental focus, which boosts competitiveness and creates employment.

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True sustainability requires significant lifestyle changes and stakeholder cooperation on a global scale.

Through the use of 100% renewable energy, sustainable transport and a circular economy, among other climate-smart actions.

Is it possible that the changing climate of the planet impacts the world economy? In a new multidisciplinary study the consulting firm McKinsey try to provide answers.

The main factors driving this new market niche are the increased demand for CO2 injection technology and stringent emission standards.

Solving the problem of climate change must be an absolute priority in our country and the world.


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