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Being part of nexos+1 means joning a business movement that seeks to transform companies —and thus the Latin American economy— to become resilient in an unstable world due to a changing climate. Together, we will design the path to this transformation, develop innovative solutions and new skills, create powerful connections, and share our progress. 

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The nexos+1 annual membership

An innovative annual service program that drives and supports member organizations in their path to resilience, together with other companies.

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Become a strategic ally of the nexos+1 platform and help us reach our annual goals and drive climate action in the Latin American private sector.

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Participate in the creation of the agenda of the main event and create interactive experiences about key issues for your organization.


Let’s co-develop workshops throughout the year that support your organization's strategic objectives.

Let’s be partners

We put business climate action on the regional public agenda through joint outreach actions and co-created connection spaces.


Let’s work together in putting business climate action on the regional public agenda.

Co-creation and execution

Let’s collaborate in the joint creation of workshops and meeting spaces.

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  • Brand presence:

    Presence of your brand on our website, advertisements on social networks and during the central event in commercials and videos.

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    Interview about a triple impact project or initiative transmitted by FBLive to our digital community of leading actors in regional sustainability.

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    Exclusive access to the central event and events on the way to nexos+1 2020

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    Entrevista sobre un proyecto o iniciativa triple impacto transmitida por FBLive a nuestra comunidad digital de actores líderes en sostenibilidad regional.
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    Acceso exclusivo al evento central y eventos en camino a nexos+1 2020

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