Revealing business climate action in Latin America

About the report

Thanks to funding received from the Scotiabank Net Zero Fund, Libélula and the nexos+1 climate action platform developed the Latin American Business Climate Action Report.

This project enables a greater understanding of the climate maturity level, challenges and opportunities of business climate action and commitments in 9 countries in the region.

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The full report will be available in December 2022. Click below to access the summary of initial findings and request your copy of the final report.

The full report will be available in December 2022Access the summary of initial findings and request your copy of the final report below.

Findings on Latin American business climate maturity

Business climate action is the combination of coordinated actions that a company deploys as part of its business strategy to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and increase resilience and its capacity to adapt to climate-related impacts.

The Report compiles information from 109 companies from 9 Latin American countries, gathered through a proprietary Libélula tool which assesses climate maturity. This tool measured their maturity across 6 dimensions based on the four Race to Zero associated criteria (Pledge, Plan, Proceed and Publish), as well as the additional dimensions of Purpose and Governance.

Purpose and strategy:

The business strategy incorporates its commitment to managing its triple-bottom-line impact on the planet.


Explicit commitment of carbon neutrality by 2050, aligned with science.


Plan with goals, processes and tools for reaching carbon neutrality in the short-, medium- and long-term.


Consistent implementation that delivers progressive results against the strategy towards net zero.


Public reporting of business climate action through official reporting platforms.


The institutional conditions are present to enable business climate action.

Key findings at the regional and individual country levels (click on the flags to access individual country findings).

In addition to this evaluation, 9 case studies of climatically advanced companies were documented to understand their initiatives and to serve as an example for other companies in the region.

To access the full details of this evaluation, request your copy of the Latin American Business Climate Action Report (available in December 2022).

Beneficios de participar en el reporte

Recibe un diagnóstico de madurez climática de tu empresa

Aprende y conoce las experiencias de otras empresas de tu país y la región

Networking con empresas vinculadas a acción climática

Visibilidad de tu empresa en el Reporte


Entre los meses de mayo a septiembre estaremos desarrollando talleres en 10 países de latinoamérica en los cuales conoceremos el estado de madurez de las empresas y todo lo que estas pueden hacer en el camino de aumentar la ambición climática.

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Conocemos el estado de madurez de las empresas latinoamericanas y todo lo que estas pueden hacer en el camino de aumentar la ambición climática. Algunas empresas ya han asumido sus propios objetivos de descarbonización y de reducción de emisiones, mientras que otras desean saber cuáles son estos conductores para comenzar esta transición hacia una economía baja en carbono al 2030. 

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