Challenge 1

Net Zero emissions by 2030

Sales pitch on why this is a global challenge

Today, climate action represents an unprecedented opportunity. Many companies around the world already recognize that the transition to a zero-carbon emissions economy is the only way to ensure sustainable economic growth and prosperity for all. For this reason, companies are strategically looking at the future and taking advantage of climate action as a driver for innovation, competitiveness, risk management and growth while reducing emissions in line with what the scientific community considers necessary to keep global warming below 1.5° C.

The problem

Carbon dioxide is in carbonated beverages, it is part of the compounds present in fire extinguishers, it is used as a refrigerant, it is used to form laser rays, and it is even used as a contrast agent in medical tests. It is an abundant gas on the planet, plants need it to photosynthesize.

The solution

However, despite being present on the planet naturally and being so useful to us, it is a gas that retains heat and, together with others, such as methane, contribute to form a layer in the atmosphere that prevents its exit and increases the temperature of the Earth’s surface, ca using climate change.

“We are not waiting for 2050 to act. If we do not act today, we will not achieve the goals in 2050”

How do we do it?

With concrete steps

Decide and make a commitment
Calculate your carbon footprint
Design your climate action plan
Reduce your emissions



Challenges for companies

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