June 21, 22 and 23, 2023

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Free event | Virtual event (Zoom) | June 21 and 23 9:00-11:30 am (GMT-5)

Tienes que aceptar las políticas de privacidad.

This year at the Latam Forum

The leading global companies are moving faster than many governments in responding to the climate crisis through their businesses: with new service and value models, with a broader view of their role in society, quantifying their social and environmental impacts to take accountability for them, and actively collaborating with other companies and
stakeholders on common challenges.

In this 8th edition of the nexos+1: Foro Latam 2023 we will explore how this business evolution is taking hold in our region and in the world with inspiring true stories and business cases that mark the way forward.

Virtual conference with experts
and business leaders

Workshops for
practical learning

The evolution
of climate action

Action for


Measuring the climate maturity of your organization

2pm to 3:30pm (GMT-5)

Know the degree of climate progress of your organization from the use of the Self-diagnosis of business climate maturity tool from Libélula. You will get the results at the moment as well as the next steps to promote climate action within your company.

Integrating climate change adaptation into business strategies

4pm to 5:30pm (GMT-5)

In this theoretical-practical workshop, we will reflect on the importance of promoting adaptation measures from the private sector. The Toolbox for integrating adaptation into business strategies will also be presented.

Climate Disclosure and Goals: Introduction to Temperature Ratings and TCFD Methodologies

2pm to 3:30pm (GMT-5)

CDP presents its unique and intuitive metric that allows you to add and compare business climate goals between projects, companies and portfolios. We will also learn about the status of climate disclosure in the Latin American financial sector according to the TCFD recommendations and how this framework can guide business climate management in other areas.

How to create a Climate Action Plan?

4pm to 5:30pm (GMT-5)

Once the organization's climate goals have been established, it is essential to define a concrete plan to achieve those results. In this practical workshop, key notions will be provided to establish an effective roadmap for the reduction of emissions of the organization.

Financed Issuances: How to align the investment or credit portfolio to a net-zero trajectory

8am to 12m (GMT-5)

Workshop given by the LACADI and CDP team. The objective of this space, designed for sustainability and finance teams, will be to present methodologies for goal setting.

Experts+1 who inspired our Latam Forum 2023

Generamos herramientas para impulsar la transformación empresarial

Plenaries +1

Experts, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs share their stories and lessons learned in inspiring plenaries.

Conversations +1

Panels and interviews with example cases in Latam that are achieving transformation.

Workshops +1

Practical spaces where you will learn tools to advance climate action in your organization.

Write to us and we will contact you to show you how to be part of this key event for corporate climate action in Latin America.

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