Países, ciudades, empresas y organizaciones de la sociedad civil anuncian compromisos esperanzadores para hacer frente al cambio climático durante cumbre climática de la ONU

Too often countries and companies make climate commitments that grab the media and political spotlight, only for governments or priorities to silently change.

Last week, UN chief António Guterres gathered the world’s political, business and civil society leaders in New York in an effort to jump start action on climate change.

While the world’s largest emitters failed to present substantive plans on how they are going to drive carbon out of their economies, dozens of announcements on climate action were made over the three-day summit.

CHN is publishing this (non-exhaustive) list of initiatives, promises and goals with a view toward accountability. We will be returning in the coming months and asking those listed below: what have you done?

If you have information about any of the announcements and the plans to see them fulfilled, or indeed if you think we have missed any, please get in touch to let us know by emailing….

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